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Chat Host Interview - NixxieCheeks

May 13, 2021 Arousr Season 1 Episode 6
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Arousr Chat Host NixxieCheeks tells the story of a man who called Arousr after losing his wife of 50 years and how the platform actually helps people.  She also shares about her music career, her experience on OnlyFans, and he favorite sexual fetishes.

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Musician turned Chat Host
Titty Lumps! Kinky UK request
Widow Story of a wife of 50 years passing
Support & Sex Education
Constant upgrades for user/host
Finding a hot member
Less trolling and hate
Domination, Masturbation & Bondage
Roleplay,Spanking & Foreplay
Freedom of being a Chat Host
The Difference Between Only Fans/Arousr
Privacy & Revenge Porn for Sex Workers