Arousr - Your Kinky Escape

Chat Host Interview - Edenn

May 13, 2021 Arousr Season 1 Episode 5
Arousr - Your Kinky Escape
Chat Host Interview - Edenn
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Arousr Chat Host Edenn shares how a member asked her to rate his penis for 5 hours, sending multiple pictures and repeatedly asking the same question. This may be the longest cock rating in history! She also wonders why so many policemen have this secret fantasy of being sissified.

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Edenn Introduction
Previous Experiences in Adult Industry
He sent Dick Pics for 5 hours to get it rated
Would you consider meeting a Member in real life?
What turns you on in a Chat Conversation?
Why do you think Men come to Arousr?
Why do Men come back?
UK policemen and Sissification
What would you tell to Members Wives or Partners?