Arousr - Discover Your Kinky Self

Member Interview - Farmboy

May 13, 2021 Arousr Season 1 Episode 3
Arousr - Discover Your Kinky Self
Member Interview - Farmboy
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In this episode, we have a chat with one of our longest-standing members on Arousr who goes by "Farmboy".  He shares his top 3 kinks with us and explains how his kinky side is not something he's comfortable sharing with others in real life.

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Farmboy's membership term
Googling sexting
Our host used to chat with Farmboy
Connection vs. Image
Using your imagination is erotic
The art of tease and seduction
Quality of Arousr vs. competition
Sexting sites
Favorite fetish
Jerk off instruction
Hottest chat sessions
Guided toy play
Discovering new kinks through sexting
Womens panty play
Differenes between Domination & Kinky play
Straight, Alpha exploration of kink
Rural American views on sex
Craziest experience
What keeps him coming back to Arousr