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My Gym Sex Fantasy: An Erotic Short Story

November 09, 2023 Arousr Team
Arousr - Your Kinky Escape
My Gym Sex Fantasy: An Erotic Short Story
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This Gym Sex Erotic story is told by Arousr Sex Chat Host Emily J

Emily J is a top rated sex chat host and loves to be explicit as she tells us about all the ways she wants to be horny in the gym. She loves being submissive and being told what to do. 

Gym Sex can be a an excellent way to work out your kink and enjoy your xxx fantasy!

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We had texted and set up the game we wanted to play, the role playing we thought would be fun. It helped that I had a home gym, and we would have the privacy that offered. He had arrived, the knock of the door pounding loudly like my heart. I had opened the door, watching as his eyes took in my tight pink sports bra and legging that hugged the curves of my ass.

 I smiled at him, letting him in, looking over his gym attire.  The black muscle shirt showed off his arms, and the sweats were tight against his ass. After talking and flirting for a few minutes, I lead the way to the gym, feeling his eyes on my body as I walked.

 We had started to work out, listening to the music over the speakers while giving each other lust filled glances. I got up from one machine and moved the next, a thigh that involved me opening and closing my legs. His eyes were fixated on me as I sat down and started to stretch my legs open.

 I keep moving my legs, arching my hips forward a little as I lick my lips.

"You know, if you didn't have those shorts on, there would be less resistance.  You'd get more range," he said, smiling at me as he set the weights down, a slight thump on the floor. 

"Oh really?  I didn't know that.  I think I'll try it," I say, moving my legs from the machine and pushing the tight pink shorts down my toned legs. I have on a matching pink thong, the lace barely covering my body. I reposition myself on the machine and start to use it, spreading my thighs once again.  The lace slips between my pussy lips, barely covering the landing strip of hair that is under it. I feel the material rubbing against my throbbing clit, making my pussy ache with need.

 His eyes lock onto my body and he walks over, standing between my open thighs as I press the machine out. I can feel my muscles straining as I move, the delicious pull in my groin, my pussy lips being opened with each movement.

"Your form is all wrong.  Can I show you the correct form," he says, lowering his body in front of me. The breath freezes in my lungs as I watch him, his dark eyes looking at me.  His hand slides over my thighs, pushing the machine to its limit, pushing my body to its limit.

"And you're going to show me how to do it right," I ask, licking my lips as he nears my body. I can feel his breath on my thigh as he moves closer, the warmth hitting my skin.

His hands move up my body and rest of my hips.

 "I'm going to show you exactly how it's done," he says, pulling the lace over. I close my eyes, moaning softly. His lips touch mine, as he tastes my body, my arousal mixed with the sweat of my workout.  I can smell both and it turns me on even more, knowing he can smell me as he tastes me. I hear him sigh as he starts to lick me, his tongue venturing between my pussy lips.

He finds my clit, locking his mouth on to me as he swirls around it.  My thighs try to clench but the machine holds them spread, giving him the complete advantage. I feel his fingers digging into my hips as he pushes his face closer to my body. My hand moves through his hair as I pull his face closer, wanting him to taste all of me.

"Fuck, yes, just like that," I beg, wishing he were inside me. He pulls back, his chin damp as he stares at me.

"Do you want to show me another exercise?  Maybe you're better at something else," he says, licking his lips as he tastes my juices in his mouth.  My pussy flutters, watching him move away. My thighs are released, and I close them slowly, the muscles sore from the stretch. I had wanted him to continue but my thighs were grateful for the release. I smile to myself, suddenly enjoying working out so much more than before.