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How to Avoid Getting Scammed On Sex Chat Sites

April 21, 2023 Arousr Team
Arousr - Your Kinky Escape
How to Avoid Getting Scammed On Sex Chat Sites
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New Arousr Member Drago1998 deep dives with Media Host Femme Fatale on his experiences using the platform for sex chat.

He also shares ways in which he's been scammed using adult services and why it's important to spend your money in spaces that are reliable and trustworthy when it comes to vetting the women they have online so you don't have to!

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Are you vanilla or kink curious, then you'll be right at home. Here on the Discover Your Kinky Self podcast, sponsored by We give you expert sex advice and opinions related to all things kink, fetish and beyond. From sexologists to Sex Chat hosts themselves, we have you covered when it comes to gaining a deeper understanding of what arouses you from experienced adults. If you wanna learn better ways to get laid or simply get more sexual pleasure online, sit back and enjoy the show. 

Femme Fatale: So welcome to the arousr Discover Your Kinky Self podcast, Drago 1998. Thank you so much for joining us today. 

Drago: No problem. Thank you for hosting me. 

Femme Fatale: You're Welcome. I'm happy to have you. So let's start out with just a quick little side question I have for you. Without naming names of any competitors, obviously, I wanna know if you tried Adult Chat Services in the past before you started using arousr or is this your first time using adult chat services? 

Drago: So I have with, uh, plat, with other platforms, but it wasn't the same experience cuz it was more like token based and multiple people. And it was just through texting. It wasn't like having a conversation, it wasn't the same experience as arousr, what arousr, uh, gives to the, like what it's more platform, what it gives than other thing, uh, than basically than other websites. 

Femme Fatale: And how did you discover Arousr? How did you come across it? 

Drago: So I was just googling one day, like something else cause I was tired of the tokens and like I wanted something one-on-one and I came across Arousr. Um, it gave me a hundred tokens, a hundred credits for free by doing it then. I loved it. It's a great platform. 

Femme Fatale: Cool. I'm glad you're enjoying it and I'm glad you found Arousr to serve your needs. All right, next up I have another question for you. Are you ready? 

Drago: Yes. 

Femme Fatale: Okay. If you have to pick three reasons why you specifically chat with women online, what would they be and why? 

Drago: Because the fulfillment of, of it is like having, I, it's just another, I love doing it through the screen. That's one reason I don't really like the whole one-on-one thing sometimes. And number two, it just, whenever I want to get on, it's like I can do it in my bathroom, I can do it at work. Uh, number three is the girls all over the world. It's nobody's, it's all over the world. Girls from Italy, from uh, Africa, from Europe. It's, it's a beautiful website. Thank God I found it. 

Femme Fatale: What would be the difference based on that answer that you gave me, which was fantastic between approaching women in real life and having a conversation on Arousr? So for you as a man, you're a single man out there in America, what is the key difference between when you kind of go in just with somebody just, just randomly with a real person in real life and you go to try to talk to them for the first time and then when you go and chat with a chat host for the first time, what is a distinction there? I just wanna get a better understanding of what ex your experience is like as a male. 

Drago: So in my, it just, you just straight to the point. You don't, it's not like you pick up somebody from a bar or something and it's just straight on the boat, on the straight to the point. It's the best. There's no other like straight up. You get online, you put in your uh, your credit card and you buy how many, how long you want. 

Femme Fatale: And what's your experience in real life? 

Drago: Uh, definitely different!

Femme Fatale: How is it different? Please break it down for me. I'd love to learn!

Drago: So you gotta basically, you gotta go to the bar, you gotta go get alcohol, you gotta be sitting there for hours. And this is like a whole, it's a whole book. 

Femme Fatale: And then I'm curious, are you on dating apps as well? 

Drago: No. 

Femme Fatale: Okay. Why do you not like dating apps? 

Drago: Not my thing. I, it's not my cup of tea. 

Femme Fatale? You feel it's a waste of of time?

Drago: I'm not. That's one reason. And also I'm not trying to settle down. 

Femme Fatale: Oh, okay. So you wanna keep it a cool open casual cuz you have other goals? 

Drago: Yes. 

Femme Fatale: Perfect. So that's why this really serves your needs very well. It's like that in between spot. 

Drago: Absolutely. 

Femme Fatale: Awesome. Well thanks for that Enlightenment. So I have another question for you. You ready? 

Drago: Yeah. Shoot. 

Femme Fatale: Do you have any favorite chat hosts yet? 

Drago: Not at this time because I've been only using the platform for a month and a half. So, but I think I'm gonna be working on, I think I have a person in mind. I don't know her name on top of my head. 

Femme Fatale: You Gotta use the platform more to remember her name!

Drago: Cause I gotta, you know, she's not always online. You know, she got a like also, so whenever she is online, that's who I try to go for. 

Femme Fatale: Got you. What's the difference for you between streaming porn and chatting with a chat host in real time? In a chat session?

Drago: So it's one-on-one. You can actually have a conversation of random things and with porn you can't really, it's just you can't talk to a screen. There's no response back. With Arousr, you can have a conversation, a D M C you can say how's your life, how's like, whatever your day-to-day thing is. With like any porn, you can't really do that. So it's really a difference. 

Femme Fatale: Do you mostly, what features are you using? Chat, phone, text, roulette, all of them. 

Drago:  So I usually, I love the feature of FaceTime. I, uh, I, I do the call and the FaceTime, not the text. Cause I don't really, that's not my cup of tea, but everyone has their own cup of tea. Yeah. But I really, really, really loved the FaceTime. I like it. And also it's not scamming, you know, I have, I had experience where I have gotten scammed by like, I'm guaranteed by Arousr. Like the person that's gonna get back online, you know, like before I've gotten a lot of money was gone, this and that. But now I feel more comfortable using the platform. 

Femme Fatale: Yeah. It's harder to scam when you have to engage. 

Drago: There's no way around it. If someone's gonna just sit there and not talk, you're just gonna leave. So it's not like they can sell you something you're not buying because, so I, I had an experience when uh, a person said they're gonna do this and this and I sent them the money and they never came online. No. Nothing to do with a Arousr (this incident occurred on another platform). And I was like, I'm tired of this! I needed to find something else and Arousr came on Clutch. Arousr came on Clutch. Yeah. Cuz  it's happening in real time. The majority of your experiences are gonna be in a chat session. So it's either gonna happen or it's not gonna happen and it's all happening again in real time. 

Femme Fatale: So you can't pay for stuff in advance that you may or may not get.

Drago: That's not the way it works. You just, you can tip if you want tip, if you really like the  woman you're talking to tip her if you love her. Like, but you're not expected to either. You're just really there for the, the conversation and the time together versus buy my content or I'm gonna make something for you, send me this so I can make this thing this content for you. And then they, they never follow through. I know. That's why I love the platform. Yeah. I'm guaranteed at the end of the day we have a text message stating this and this and this and this is not getting done. I just reach out to customer service and I've got a refund back. Yeah. And it's all gonna be, 

Femme Fatale: It's all monitored so it's easy to see what's going down. If something is going down that's, you know, sideways or against the t o s, then we can obviously internal can take care of that pretty quickly. 

Drago: Yeah

Femme Fatale: Because it's all being recorded anyway. So there's safety on both sides for chat hosts and for the members, which is what we love. So another question for you is how do you explore your sexuality online? So how would you describe yourself as like your nature of sexuality, vanilla, kink, and then let me know a little bit of how you explore that with these ladies through, I guess video chat since that's your preferred method of how you connect. 

Drago: So I am a, um, and I just have conversations. I love having conversations with, with people and that's all really 

Femme Fatale: Your biggest thing is being able to connect intellectually. Is that what you're telling me? 

Drago: Yes. 

Femme Fatale: Oh, that's really cool.  And our final question, Drago 1998, are you ready? 

Drago:  Yes. 

Femme Fatale: Get excited! We're almost there. it's a very easy question. I wanna know if you, have you used the rating system that we have yet where you can be rated by the host and where you can rate the chat host as well? So have you used it to rate a chat host and have you yourself received a rating yet as a member? 

Drago: So I have used it and it's very, uh, described like very detailed (on arousr versus) with other platforms. Um, yeah, it's more different from other platforms and I don't know if I have a rating yet. That's a good question. I'm gonna check, uh, whenever I get back online. 

Femme Fatale: Yeah, You'll have to check to see if you have a, any ratings. 

Drago: Mm-hmm. 

Femme Fatale: And you, so you've left a rating for the for hosts themselves. Have you rated someone yet? 

Drago: Yes. Yeah. Yes. Good ones. Yeah. Always good. 

Femme Fatale: That's Good cuz you've had good experiences, therefore Absolutely. You Give the appropriate rating based on your experience. Right. 

Drago: Yep.

Femme Fatale: Awesome. Well, Drago, I really appreciate the time we spent together today. After you've had more time to explore the platform, maybe we can reconvene and you can give me some ideas of stuff you wanna talk about. We can do this again in the future. 

Drago: Sure. I'll be open minded to do that again. Yeah. Thank you for having me. 

Femme Fatale: You're welcome. Thank you so much for staying with us and trying Arousr out. Thank you so much for joining the Discover Your Kinky Self podcast. Don't forget to like, share and subscribe to our channel so you don't miss out on our upcoming episodes. Also, we love getting podcast reviews. Let us know how much you enjoyed yourself today by dropping us a five star kinky review. We hope you learn something new after spending time with us. And if you want more sex talk head over to That's spelled A R O U S R. See you soon!

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