Arousr - Discover Your Kinky Self

Kink Education - Porn Overwatching, Sexting, Dreams and Micropenis Humiliation (SPH)

May 11, 2022 Arousr Team
Arousr - Discover Your Kinky Self
Kink Education - Porn Overwatching, Sexting, Dreams and Micropenis Humiliation (SPH)
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On today's episode we get our Sexologist, Elaine S. Turner to break down what the human behavioral elements of kink/fetish are. 

From  the benefits of Sexchat, Gay Dreams, Porn addictions and more, we are giving you a professional analysis on Kink Education.

Enjoy the show!

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Welcome to the “Discover Your Kinky Self'' Podcast. Sponsored by Arousr. We are happy that you chose to join us today to get some Kink Education! Our Resident Sexologist is here to answer your questions. Each month we select the top 4 most searched topics to have our Sexologist comment on and give you their professional opinion. De-bunking myths and removing the shame from things that are taboo is the ultimate goal around this Podcast series.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit down for a session with a professional Sexologist? Maybe this is your first time hearing of one? Either way, you're about to get a crash course in Kink Education.

Enjoy the show!

FF: Let’s get into our first topic. Porn! Did you know that watching too much porn can have significant negative impacts on your libido? Let’s learn more about why over stimulation can be bad for your sexual health.

Elaine: Is Pornography causing your libido to shrink? Hi, I'm Elaine S Turner, the resident sexologist for arousr. And in my sex logical opinion, yes. 

The overconsumption of porn can lead to loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, and delayed orgasms. So video pornography specifically causes your brain to make too much feel good pleasure chemical, also known as dopamine. 

Also, it creates unrealistic sexual expectation for alternatives to watching porn using erotic novels, developing their own fantasies and using porn as inspiration and then going off to masturbate on your you can also use sexting platforms much like arousr has, those are completely healthy sexual outlets that you aren't going to form that chemical dependency on.

FF: Now, what do you say we get into more ways in which you can improve you sex life and heighten your stimulation levels, shall we? Here at Arousr we are very familiar with all things related to sex chat. A really cool fact is that sexting/sex chat isn’t just a fun way to pass some time but it has some serious benefits. Let’s get our expert to weigh in on this. 

Elaine: Can sex chat improve your sex life?

Hi, I'm Elaine s Turner, and I'm the resident sexologist for Arousr. And it may not come as a surprise to you, but I'm very pro-sex chat, I think it can really benefit your sex life. And that's for a few different reasons. The first one is kink. Being in a sex chat format means that you feel safe and that you get to explore your kink from the safety of behind a screen with someone else. So you get to really tune into your fantasies and explore what turns you on and what gets you going. Another reason I believe sex chat can improve your sex life is that you don't have the pressure of performance anxiety weighing you down. Sexual Performance is a really big part of coupled sex between two or more people. But behind the screen again, you can have that 12-inch throbbing cock that you've always wanted, when in reality, that may not be what you're working with. And that's okay sex chatting is all about exploring what you want and who you believe your sexual identity to be. So start chatting and have some fun!

FF: Next up, Sex Dreams! We all have them don’t we? I had one last night! Have you ever had a sex dream where you where fantasizing about having sex with the same gender? Did this make question if you where possilby more along the lines of queeer/gay in order to have had this fantasy in the first place? Well, Elaine will be breaking down this taboo subject for you next and the answer may surprise you!

Elaine: You’ve been having sex dreams about other men. Does that mean that your gay?

Don’t worry, I’m here to tell you that odds are your sex dreams about other men have nothing to do with your sexual orientation. Sexuality and sexual orientation is a spectrum. Dr.Alfred Kinsey found that no one is really completely straight or completely gay, there’s a scale of zero to six and everyone falls somewhere along that spectrum. That doesn’t mean that your gay, it just means that you are sexually aware of irrelevant material. Same as your erections. They actually happen because your brain deduces that something is sexually relevant. Now, wherever you fall on that sexuality and orientation scale, that’s your business. But, your dreams don’t mean anything about your orientation unless you want them to. 

FF: And for our last and highly requested kink topic of the month, we’re about to talk more about micropensis. More specifically, why is it that men who are have below the average penis size find enjoyment from showing off their members when sexting with Women. Elaine, I’ll let you do the honors and take if from here.

Elaine: Why do you enjoy showing your micro penis online? And I'm the resident sexologist for arousr. And I want to talk to you today about why you might enjoy showing your micro penis off on the internet. So a really big aspect of micro penises is the fact that they're much smaller than the average. Showing off a micro penis is often part of a humiliation, kink or fetish and humiliation is incredibly popular specifically, SPH, small penis humiliation. Some reasons you might enjoy showing your micro penis online include confidence in anonymity, no one knows it's your penis. It's dressed out there for the world to see and you're tired of hiding it. And that's wonderful. You also might get off on being an exhibitionist exhibitionism is when you enjoy other people being surprised or aroused at what you're doing sexually. So, in my opinion, congratulations on finding your kink and what gets you off, more power to you

FF: Thank you so much for joining us today on “Discover Your Kinky Self” and we hope you got some serious value from this Kink Education Series. If you’d like to learn more about kinks/fantasies/fetish related topics head over to for more info. There’s a lot more resources  for you to gain knowledge from and become more confident in your kinky/vanilla self.

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